Welcome to roofing tile kenya!


Welcome to Roofing tiles Kenya.

 At Roofing Tiles Kenya, we pride ourselves on our efficient service and reliability. With our warehouse strategically located in Mombasa Road, we are covering the whole of Nairobi we aim to please every customer’s wants and needs all over Kenya.

Established in 2008, in Nairobi roofing tile Kenya has managed to maintain and develop special relationships with key suppliers, meaning the end user will get the best rates available in the roofing industry. Whether it’s a shingle tile or a classic tile, you are after, every customer will receive our best rate and dealing with employees that have been part of the roofing trade for century’s.

Shingle Roof
classic roofed house
Classical Tile @ 680



Shingle Tile
Shingle Tile @ 720


Green Versatile At Ksh 400


Blue Versatile At Ksh 400
Red Versatile @ Ksh 400
Box profile
Red Box Profile @ 350
box profile
Green Box Profile @ 350

Formula for calculating quantity required.

No of tile needed = total roof are  x 2.2

Example  300 m2  x 2.2  = 660 pcs